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Garcia & Co, manufacturer of vinyl records in France

We make flawless vinyl records for boutique labels

They chose Garcia & Co

We press for the best labels
We press for the best labels
We press for the best labels
We press for the best labels
We press for the best labels

Welcome to  Garcia & Co

Ideal partners for boutique labels

We press and package 12" LP vinyl records for independent labels. Established in Marciac (Gers, France) since 2021, our workshop is designed for producing runs of 300 to 3,000 copies with utmost care.

Uncompromising quality

Our clients come to us to find uncompromising manufacturing quality. We favor consistency over speed. With full attention given to the singular musicality of each project, we increase the pressing time of every record to offer our customers audio quality superior to market standards. We press your records at 140g/180 grams on an Alpha AD-12 automatic press, the Rolls Royce of the market, and package them with care in our 2000 sq ft facility. We apply stricter quality control for an end product that has an impeccable look and feel.

Comprehensive service

We also offer our clients stock and logistics management services in order to optimize their production cycle, reduce both inventory costs and lead times, and recycle unsold stock.



Entrust us with your project

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78 Chemin de Ronde

32230 Marciac

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